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We'll Help You Plan Your Jackson Hole Adventure
At Adventure Sports, we're dedicated to helping you plan and equip for your adventures around Jackson Hole. After 25 years of experience renting sports equipment to visitors, we can help you gear up for paddling crystal-clear lakes, mountain biking on your choice of paved or two track trails, and planning a day your family will never forget.

The best way to see Jackson Hole and its wild inhabitants is to get outside, so come visit us and we'll rent you the equipment you need, and point you in the right direction. The rest is up to you!!

Start Your Grand Teton Adventure at Adventure Sports!
This eight-mile, paved, biking, walking, and skating trail begins at Dornans and goes all the way to the Jenny Lake store. This coming summer, anyone using the multi-use pathway will be able to use their vehicle admission slip to enter Grand Teton National Park by bike.

The Multi-Use Pathway from the Town of Jackson was opened in the spring of 2012, then in 2015 there is a continuation of the Multi-Use Path from Moose Junction to Antelope Flats Road.

Adventure Sports, gateway to the outdoors of Jackson Hole
Adventure Sports, gateway to the outdoors of Jackson Hole

Bike or Skate into the Park on the Multi-Use Pathway Trail
The multi-use pathway opened the summer of 2009. This paved trail parallels the Teton Park Road from Dornanís to South Jenny Lake, with a spur to the terrific new visitor center. Visitors love the convenience of stocking up for the day at Dornan's Trading Post, renting mountain bikes at Adventure Sports! Spend the day hiking, fishing, boating, mountain biking or climbing in the park, bike home, and unwind at the Chuckwagon or Spur Bar & the Pizza Pasta Restaurant! It's a healthy, fun, and inexpensive way to enjoy the natural wonders of Jackson Hole.

Then in 2012, the pathway from the Town of Jackson to Dornans was opened. You now have 20 miles of pathway pleasure!!!!

We see more visitors and local residents continuing to enjoy people-powered travel into Grand Teton National Park. Please be considerate of others!

PLEASE*** To use the pathway, park on the side of the access road. Our parking lot is needed for patrons using the Dornans facilities. Thanks for your cooperation!***

REMEMBER: When exiting the pathway, to dismount and walk your bike through the parking lot. Be aware of cars backing up & pedestrian traffic in the parking area.

To help different types of users safely enjoy the pathway-- and to avoid disturbing wildlife-- bicyclists, hikers, inline skaters and other users will be encouraged to follow some basic rules of courtesy and safety:
* Respect the rights of others
* Ride single file and stay on the right side of the pathway
* Observe bicycle speeds that are reasonable to the numbers and safety of other users
* Use a bell, whistle or voice whenever passing others
* Wear appropriate protective equipment such as helmets and pads
* Donít use motorized vehicles (except wheelchairs and other mobility impaired devices)
* Be bear aware and maintain a safe distance from all wildlife
* Obey the sunset to sunrise closure for protection of park wildlife.

The Grand Teton National Park bike trail begins at Dornan's...
The Grand Teton National Park bike trail begins at Dornan's...
...and ends at Dornan's! Time for lunch!
...and ends at Dornan's! Time for lunch!

BioGreen Water Bottles
We've been selling BioGreen water bottles for a few years, and now Grand Teton National Park has joined in to reduce waste from plastic bottles!

Adventure Sports continues to offer our line of BioGreen water bottles, along with free refills of our exceptionally-delicious Moose water. The BioGreen water bottles are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and 100% reusable! The plastic is BPA, DEHA and DEHP and is even dishwasher-safe!

When you're heading out on your Grand Teton Adventure, tank up with BioGreen water bottles, and help us keep Jackson Hole clean and beautiful!

We also have these bottles available at our Trading Post with a different logo. Please stop by.


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